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Truck Signs

    • Great for tailgates, cabs and truck beds.
    • Custom sizes to fit any truck or SUV.
    • Removable and reusable.

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Personalized Van Magnetics

    • Extra large sizes for side panel areas.
    • Great for passenger and service doors.
    • For small business or fleet vehicle use.

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Spot Color Printing (1, 2 and 3 color prints)

Spot color magnetic sign printing is used primarily for text only magnetic signs that utilize vector artwork in 1, 2 or 3 color combinations. Spot color printing uses predetermined solid colors like (Red, Black, Green, Orange, etc.) that do not have to be digitally printed to create a color. We carry a vast array of pure color choices for spot magnetic sign printing, as well as, an extensive font base that consist of over 3,000 font styles to choose from. 

Spot Colors defined

Spot Color artwork is usually produced in vector based programs. Common file extensions for vector art are: .AI, .EPS, and .PDF. Vector based artwork contains solid color "fills" like red, blue, black, teal, etc. All true type fonts (.TTF) and most graphics created in drawing programs like Illustrator, CoralDraw and InDesign, can be printed as spot colors. Spot color printing cannot print color blends, gradation fades, photographs, complex images or rainbow effects.

For raster (bitmap) file extensions such as .tif, .jpg, .gif, .psd, .bmp and all web images, please refer to the 4-color process magnetic sign printing page, for information on digitally printed magnetic signs. Also, if you have specific PMS color matching needs, your magnetic sign needs will be best met with a full color magnetic sign.

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4-Color Printing (Full Color Digital Prints)

Four color process magnetic sign printing is used when the original artwork is created in raster based (bitmap) programs (Photoshop, CoralPaint, etc.). Typical examples of raster based artwork include color blends, gradation fades, photographs, complex images, rainbow effects or scanned images. This artwork is usually saved as .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .gif or psd. Artwork saved in programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Illustrator can be either raster artwork (4-color process printed) or vector artork (spot color printed), depending on the original artwork placed in the program.

4-Color Process defined

A raster or bitmap image is an image composed of a combination of small dots. Each dot is usually composed of one of four colors: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K). These four colors, in different combinations, make up the majority of the visible color spectrum. For example, your inkjet printer at home, probably runs off of a CMYK (4-color process) system.

Since we print our process color magnetic signs utilizing a CMYK color profile, any art files that have an RGB color profile, will automatically be converted to a CMYK color format. This may cause a dramatic change in color to your original RGB file. It is highly recommended to convert any RGB color formatted files to CMYK, before submitting your artwork, and adjust the color accordingly to match your needs.

For lettering only magnetic signs, please refer to Spot Color magnetic sign printing page, where you will be able to obtain information on file formats, color choices and font styles.

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Sizing your Magnetic SignSign Size Selection

After more than a decade of making magnetic signs, we have found that 90% of all our magnetic signs, fall into 3 standard sizes:

Small: 10" x 18"  |  Medium: 11"x 20"  | Large: 12" x 24"

Besides the standard small, medium and large sizes stated above we produce all sorts of custom sized magnetic signs, as well as, extra large magnetic signs for vans, trucks and SUV's that measure up to 24" in height by any length.

In general, the width of your magnetic sign is more important than the height. If your purchase a magnetic sign that is too wide, then it may extend over a door hinge, which in turn, puts your magnetic signs at risk for flying off your vehicle. Magnetic signs are intended to be placed FLUSH on your vehicle without covering any specialized body molding, indentations, car emblems, door handles, door hinges, etc. When a magnetic sign is put in a situation where air can get underneath the sign it runs the risk of blowing off your vehicle.

The best way to determine the perfect size to fit your vehicle is to measure the exact height and width, of the area you wish to adhere your magnetic signs too, making sure that proposed area is flat so the sign will lay flat on the vehicle. If you need to order multiple signs with different sizes, just make sure to measure all the intended magnetic sign vehicle locations, and order accordingly. DO NOT order  the same size magnetics as your door signs for tailgates, hatchbacks, service doors, etc. unless you are sure they will fit those areas. Since we are a custom sign shop you can order magnetic door signs, as well as, additional signs at varying sizes.

If you have any questions about magnetic sign sizing,
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Ordering Magnetic Signs Online is as easy as 1, 2 3...

(1) FIRST: Determine the magnetic sign size, quantity and corner option (rounded corners vs. square corners) you will need and use the online pricing calculator to determine your cost.

(2) SECOND: Once you receive your magnetic sign pricing click the ORDER NOW button. You will be directed through the ordering process and prompted to upload your artwork. If you don't have artwork, or need help with a design, you can still order online (a sales representative will contact you for design information.) All online orders will receive an instant online order confirmation email that will be followed by a visual proof confirmation email within 24 - 36 hours for customer approval to proceed to print production.

(3) THIRD: After receive your visual proof, please look over all spelling, text, numbers and artwork, for complete accuracy. If you need corrections to be made, email them or contact your sales representative, before approving your design. If no corrections are necessary, respond to the visual proof email, with your FINAL APPROVAL and your order will be moved into print production and prepared for shipping upon completion of the order.

That's it! You're all done! Now just sit back and wait for your brand new custom magnetic signs to arrive at your door. Once you receive your magnetic signs, throw those beauties on your vehicle, and start your engines for your drive into the world of mobile advertising!

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Removable and reusable vehicle advertising.

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Magnetic signs for Cars

Magnetic signs for passenger cars

This form of removable signage is great for commuter cars, economy cars, compact cars, sports cars, sedans, etc. Put your vehicle to work for you during the day, and in the evenings when your off the clock, pull off your magnetic sign and use your vehicle without any signage. Utilizing magnetic signs gives you the versatility to advertise when, where and how you want without committing to permanent vehicle graphics.

Magnetic doors signs for your car are completely customizable in looks, as well as size. Along with some of our standard sizes (small 10" x 18"; medium 11" x 20" or large 12" x 24") we offer custom sized magnetic signs up to 24" in height.For design, you can either supply us with your own or we can create a design for you. We do have an automated design online website that we are affiliated with, that has pre-designed templates for you to alter, but we have no control over orders placed on that site once it has been placed since it is not designed or printed in-house.

Personalized car magnets have many different uses besides just mobile advertising and can be customized to cater to your own specific magnetic sign needs. For instance, say you have permanent vehicle graphics on your vehicle but you live in an area governed by a homeowner's association that doesn't allow advertising on parked vehicles within the community, you could order blank magnetic signs to cover your existing signage while parked. Magnetic signs can be strictly informational to alert other drivers that you have a student driver on board; or maybe you are transporting hazardous or bio-medical materials; or even signage for the pace car of a wide load vehicle. No matter what your magnetic sign advertising needs may be, they are the best product for mobile recognition when it comes to price and versatility.

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Magnetic signs for Trucks and SUV's

Tailgate and Truck magnetic signs

Mobile advertising for trucks and SUV's can be an immense asset to companies large and small. The greatest advantage of personal truck signs is being able to customize the size to fit anywhere on the truck doors, truck bed or tailgate areas. For the SUV body styles, tailgate magnetic signs, are a great investment for the rear hatchback or rear door areas.

Tailgate and rear door advertising, has become very popular as of late, and offers huge opportunities over the standard door magnetic sign placement. Because trucks and SUV's have ample posterior space on the back of their vehicles due to their respective body type, tailgate magnetic signs or rear door/hatch magnetic signs are seen and retained much easier than conventional car door magnets and give you more all-around coverage. Whether at a stop-light, in traffic, or just driving in and of itself, tailgate magnetic signs are definitely eye-catching and valuable.

Since trucks and SUV's tend to fall into the larger vehicle bracket it may be hard to find another sign company that can print over-sized magnetic signs. We offer large format printing for our truck magnetic signs, up to 24" in height by any length necessary, which is great for truck bed advertising and well as tailgate advertising. And since SUV's and trucks have so many magnetic receptive areas, it's best to cover all your bases, with various sized magnetic signs to place all around the vehicle for optimum coverage.

Give your Truck or SUV the right mobile gear for advertising success!
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Magnetic signs for Large Cargo and Utility Vans

Oversized van magnetic signs

Vans have so much more available mobile advertising space than cars, trucks and SUV's and need adequate magnetic sign coverage to be able to effectively reach prospective customers. Standard sized magnetic signs won't pack a big punch, and also become hard to read, ultimately getting lost on all the prime vehicle advertising space that vans offer. The solution is to order large print van magnetic signs to cover more space. We offer large format magnetic sign printing for vans and larger vehicles up to 24" in height by any length.

Over-sized magnetic signs are the perfect solution, to a van or utility vehicles unique body design, to get recognition without having to commit to permanent signage. Our large format magnetic signs can be ordered in at just about any custom size to fit your unique vehicle for optimum coverage on all areas of the vehicle. And while you might need a standard size door magnetic sign for the rear service doors and van doors, you can totally customize the size of your van magnetic sign to fit the side panels of your vehicle.

The great thing about van magnetics is their versatility in size and design. You can order a combination of sizes all at once with the same information or different information to pepper all over your vehicle. And if your van already has permanent graphics, that need to be covered in the evening, we offer over-sized magnetic signs that are blank as well. Blank magnetic signs can be placed over existing graphics, when parked in locations that do not allow personal signage, and then removed when you need to put your vehicle back into service.

Go Big or Don't Go At All!
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Who we are? has long been a leader in the car magnetic sign industry. In 1988, we opened our first "brick and mortar" sign shop and we've been making car door magnets and magnetic signs for vans and trucks ever since. We use state of the art digital printers capable of printing large and small magnetic signs. We service both the retail and the wholesale magnetic sign community, in most cases offering magnetic sign prices much lower than our competition. You can easily buy magnetic signs from us by submitting your ready-to-print artwork or having our talented graphics team help you creatively design an attractive and relevant custom magnetic sign layouts. We proudly service the entire United States of America, and we're are sure once you buy quality magnetic signs from MagneticSignsOntime, you'll become a customer for life.

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