Why we laminate our Magnetic Signs

Taking pride in our magnetic sign product.

handyThere are lots of online magnetic sign companies in all corners of the world that offer great products, but for some reason or another choose to not laminate their magnetic sign products, thus producing sub-par products. Here are MagneticSignsOntime.com we automatically laminate every single magnetic sign order that is placed and feel we have a far superior product because of it. Besides the fact that we only use high-quality magnetic sheeting, and that we work closely with all our magnetic sign clients, adding lamination to our product only makes them better and more valuable.

Back end magnetic sign advertising

Using tailgate magnetic signs to increase recognition

custom tailgate magneticIf your vehicle has a tailgate area that has ample room for advertising it's worthwhile to consider purchasing custom tailgate magnetic signs to fill that blank space. Regular car door magnetic signs get their fair share of recognition, but think of the amount of time you spend driving behind a vehicle, and you can automatically deduce that tailgate magnetic signs are well worth the investment. for a few extra dollars it's best to have all your bases covered which can lend to more business for your mobile advertising dollar.

High Quality Magnetic Sign Production!

Five steps to complete your custom magnetic signs

Car mag sizingMagneticSignsOntime.com has been in business producing magnetic signs for over 25 years with an emphasis on using quality materials for a quality product that will last for years to come. 

Making a high quality magnetic sign is fairly easy in this digital age and is one of the most popular non-permanent mobile advertising options on the market today. Magnetic signs are economical and don't lack the commitment that permanent vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps require.

Magnetic signs instead of permanent graphics

Magnetic signs are removable yet effective

Car mag sizingSo your company, personal business or fleet of vehicles need advertising to get your name out there to be seen and utilized. Getting new customers is a daunting task that requires a lot of hard work, some of which, can be aided by purchasing removable magnetic signs that adhere to your vehicle, for a mobile marketing strategy that works while you work and sometimes when you are not working.

But you may also be thinking about purchasing permanent vehicle graphics instead of magnetic signs and wondering which one is the better choice? What It all comes down to is your needs and budget.

The basics of Magnetic Sign sizing

Magnetic signs sizes that will fit your vehicle like a glove!

Car mag sizingChoosing the proper size magnetic sign for your vehicle is a very crucial step into the foray of mobile advertising. While all vehicles are lumped into different categories like passenger, truck, SUV, van, trailer tractor, etc. not all vehicles in those categories have the same available flat surface space to utilize the same magnetic sign sizes across the board.

Also, take into consideration your mobile advertising magnetic sign needs. A passenger vehicle may just need door magnetic signs, while a van owner may want to purchase different magnetic sign sizes to display on key points of the vehicle to be seen from the side and the back of the van.

Who we are?

MagneticSignsOntime.com has long been a leader in the car magnetic sign industry. In 1988, we opened our first "brick and mortar" sign shop and we've been making car door magnets and magnetic signs for vans and trucks ever since. We use state of the art digital printers capable of printing large and small magnetic signs. We service both the retail and the wholesale magnetic sign community, in most cases offering magnetic sign prices much lower than our competition. You can easily buy magnetic signs from us by submitting your ready-to-print artwork or having our talented graphics team help you creatively design an attractive and relevant custom magnetic sign layouts. We proudly service the entire United States of America, and we're are sure once you buy quality magnetic signs from MagneticSignsOntime, you'll become a customer for life.

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