Magnetic signs instead of permanent graphics

Magnetic signs are removable yet effective

Car mag sizingSo your company, personal business or fleet of vehicles need advertising to get your name out there to be seen and utilized. Getting new customers is a daunting task that requires a lot of hard work, some of which, can be aided by purchasing removable magnetic signs that adhere to your vehicle, for a mobile marketing strategy that works while you work and sometimes when you are not working.

But you may also be thinking about purchasing permanent vehicle graphics instead of magnetic signs and wondering which one is the better choice? What It all comes down to is your needs and budget.

Magnetic signs and vehicle graphics are some of the best tools on the market to get yourself noticed on the road in this technological age. Gone are the days of opening the Yellow Book and choosing a company or service based on their ad. Nowadays people hop online and Google their way to finding a website, phone number or information on companies, businesses and services. If you are not online, and even if you are, mobile advertising is a definite asset to being seen and garnering new business.

PRO'S and CON'S of removable Magnetic Signs

PRO: Magnetic signs for cars, trucks, vans and the like are economical compared to vehicle graphics.
CON: Since magnetic signs are removable they can be stolen or possibly fly off the vehicle if not installed properly.

PRO: Since magnetic signs are removable you can take the sign off whenever you don't want to advertise.
CON: Continually removing magnetic signs to wash your vehicle, or to utilize your vehicle for personal business without advertising, can lead to dirt and dust build-up on the magnetic signs and if not properly cared for can result in a disruption of the receptive nature of this product.

PRO: Magnetic signs can be made to custom sizes that can fit various portions of your vehicle like tailgate magnetic signs for trucks or large sliding doors on a van.
CON: If the magnetic sign is lost because of poor installation or stolen you will need to replace it which will incur another cost.

PRO'S and CON'S of permanent Vehicle Graphics

PRO: Permanent vehicle graphics tend to be pricier than magnetic signs but they last longer and can't be stolen or fly off your vehicle.
CON: They are permanent! Once you remove vehicle graphics, for any reason, they can't be reapplied ever again. You'll have to purchase new vehicle graphics.

PRO: Vehicle graphics can be placed on any portion of a vehicle like windows, bumpers, detailed molding, rivets, etc. and withstand car washing and cleaning unlike magnetic
CON: While vehicle graphics look great they can't be removed at your leisure. If it's a personal car your vehicle is continually branded  4/7.

PRO: Vehicle graphics last a good long time and can pay for themselves in the long run.
CON: The above pro is great for owned vehicles, but if you lease vehicles, then the graphics will have to be redone often. And if your vehicle is in an accident, you'll also have to replace the damage done to the graphics.

The choice is yours!

Both options have their benefits and their drawbacks but ultimately are worth the effort no matter which route you go. A good suggestion for those starting out is to invest in magnetic signs, because they don't require the commitment that vehicle graphics do, and see if you get more business because of your initial investment in mobile advertising. If your business prospers...move up to vehicle graphics if you want a more permanent and expressive way of advertising. Or you can go all out and spruce up your car, truck, van, etc. with permanent vehicle graphics that just scream out for attention because they can be placed anywhere on your vehicle in any size, shape or design (whereas magnetic signs can be limited in size and only cover certain portions of a vehicle.) Ultimately the choice is up to the buyer and their respective budget.

If you have any questions about magnetic signs or vehicle graphics, please feel free to contact our sign professionals here at by calling (866) 267-4467. They are here to serve you Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) and can help you with all your questions and ordering needs.

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