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Five steps to complete your custom magnetic signs

Car mag sizingMagneticSignsOntime.com has been in business producing magnetic signs for over 25 years with an emphasis on using quality materials for a quality product that will last for years to come. 

Making a high quality magnetic sign is fairly easy in this digital age and is one of the most popular non-permanent mobile advertising options on the market today. Magnetic signs are economical and don't lack the commitment that permanent vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps require.

Producing our magnetic signs is a quick process that can usually be completed within 2 to 3 business days (with the exception of extra-large magnetic sign orders). Making custom magnetic signs isn't a particularly magical process but here are the basic five steps that we adhere to when creating our high quality custom magnetic signs:

MAGNETIC SIGN PRODUCTION - STEP 1 | Let's get down to business!

A lot of our magnetic sign business is ordered online with "ready-to-print" artwork supplied by the client via upload. We also employ a very creative in-house design team to help clients without any printable files create a stunning and brilliant magnetic sign design. Once the artwork has been received and reviewed by our design team for overall printability and approved by the client the order goes into phase two....PRINTING!

MAGNETIC SIGN PRODUCTION - STEP 2 | Transferring your design into reality!

After final client approval the art file is sent to our ultra high-resolution digital printer to digital output. The digital file will be printed onto an adhesive backed matte white vinyl material creating a large decal-like sticker. Since every order is custom, we print as we go, so whether you order two magnetic signs or 200 magnetic signs, as soon as you give your approval they are printed right away. Next up...LAMINATION!

MAGNETIC SIGN PRODUCTION - STEP 3 | Giving your magnetic signs some protection!

Laminating your magnetic sign with a clear coat of matte lamination provides an extra layer of protection in many different ways. First of all the magnetic sign lamination protects the print from scratching and abrasion. Secondly, the lamination also helps to preserve the digital print from the elements creating a long-lasting magnetic sign. A lot of companies DO NOT laminate their magnetic signs, but it's standard at MagneticSignsOntime.com and FREE!


After lamination the adhesive backing on your digitally printed magnetic sign is removed and applied to our high quality, 100% American made vehicle grade magnetic sign material. The 30 mil magnetic material we use is heavy-duty and designed to be used on cars with plenty of pull to stay on the car when installed properly. (Buyer beware: Other magnetic sign manufacturers use thin sub-standard magnetic sign material that can ultimately damage your vehicle...if the price is super cheap, the product may be as well.)


Once the decal is mounted to the magnetic material it's time to trim off the extra material. Our production crew carefully and precisely cuts your magnetic sign to size, by hand, utilizing the tricks of the trade (a straight edge ruler and box cutter). Once the magnetic sign is cut to size your custom signs are ready to be boxed and ship to your doorstep. (NOTE: Our magnetic signs come with straight cut edges, we suggest ordering rounded corners, as the process of rounding the corners eliminates any dog-earring of the corners of the signs after prolonged applying and removing. Rounded corners cost $2.00 extra per order and significantly improve the life of the magnetic sign itself.)

And there you go...from our shop to you!

Once you receive your custom-made personalized magnetic signs they will be ready to place on your vehicle for immediate use to bring you new business, increase awareness and advertise for you while you drive. Enjoy your new investment that will work for you day and night or whenever you want!

Need promotional refrigerator magnets as well? No problem...we produce indoor refrigerator magnets quickly and cheap!

If you have any questions about magnetic signs, please feel free to contact our sign professionals here at MagneticSignsOntime.com. by calling (866) 267-4467. They are here to serve you Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) and can help you with all your questions and ordering needs.

Who we are?

MagneticSignsOntime.com has long been a leader in the car magnetic sign industry. In 1988, we opened our first "brick and mortar" sign shop and we've been making car door magnets and magnetic signs for vans and trucks ever since. We use state of the art digital printers capable of printing large and small magnetic signs. We service both the retail and the wholesale magnetic sign community, in most cases offering magnetic sign prices much lower than our competition. You can easily buy magnetic signs from us by submitting your ready-to-print artwork or having our talented graphics team help you creatively design an attractive and relevant custom magnetic sign layouts. We proudly service the entire United States of America, and we're are sure once you buy quality magnetic signs from MagneticSignsOntime, you'll become a customer for life.

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