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Using tailgate magnetic signs to increase recognition

custom tailgate magneticIf your vehicle has a tailgate area that has ample room for advertising it's worthwhile to consider purchasing custom tailgate magnetic signs to fill that blank space. Regular car door magnetic signs get their fair share of recognition, but think of the amount of time you spend driving behind a vehicle, and you can automatically deduce that tailgate magnetic signs are well worth the investment. for a few extra dollars it's best to have all your bases covered which can lend to more business for your mobile advertising dollar.

Tailgate magnetic signs are proven to be wildly effective and get noticed more especially in traffic situations. Tailgate magnetic signs can be used for rear advertising on any vehicle that has enough room for a magnetic sign to fit on. Here are a few different ways to use tailgate magnetics on different vehicle types.


tailgate magnetic

The tailgate area on trucks are a great marketing spot to get a simple message across that may end up being more profitable than car door magnetic sign advertising. Custom truck tailgate magnetic signs can be ordered at any size that will properly fit your tailgate area. 


van tailgate magnetic

Another great use for tailgate magnetic signs is on the utility door of service vans. Tailgate magnetic signs for vans can be used in conjunction with standard van door magnetic signs. When ordering a tailgate magnetic sign for a van make sure to measure out the available space on the utility door, so that you don't order a magnetic sign that is too big, and that will end up cover the split in the door.


hatchback magnetic

Here is an example of a tailgate magnetic sign for an SUV with ample hatchback space for advertising. Most all vehicles that are classified as SUV's, and some regular commuter vehicles, have hatchback areas that are perfect for tailgate magnetic signs. Hatchback tailgate magnetics can be ordered to fit any size SUV, large or small, and usually differ in size from regular car door magnetics depending on how available space is on your particular hatchback area.


Do you have permanent vehicle graphics and need to cover them up when your vehicle is parked? Then look into purchasing blank tailgate magnetic sign material. Purchasing blank magnetic material to place on permanent tailgate signage is very cost effective and can help avoid problems that some people face when parking their vehicles in common areas where vehicle graphics are not allowed to be visible. Blank tailgate magnetic signs can be easily affixed over your permanent vehicle graphics and then removed to start your mobile advertising day.

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