5 Important Magnetic Sign Design Tips

Key elements for magnetic sign design effectiveness.

car door magnetic signSo you've decided to invest in a pair of magnetic signs to garner mobile recognition for your business in lieu of permanent vehicle graphics. Now the next step is to design your magnetic sign graphics that will properly convey all the pertinent information you want to get across to your potential clientele. Effectively designing your magnetic sign graphics is fairly easy and straight forward and can be created on graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator or In-Design and sent electronically to your chosen sign shop company. And if you don't have the proper design software most sign companies offer some form of magnetic sign design help at reasonable prices.

The following tips work get your point across in a clear and concise manner for optimum exposure and effect and will help you design a great magnetic sign to proudly display on your car.

1. Company Name

The name of your company is obviously very important and should be one of the more prominent articles of your magnetic sign design. If nothing else, you want your company name to stand out because if that is the only piece of information seen by a potential customer, at least they can look you up online.

2. Website

Our culture relies heavily on technology and does a lot of internet based research about companies before ever calling. Nine times out of ten potential customers will look for a website over a phone number because the website is usually associated with the name of the company which can easily be found online.

3. Phone Number

Eventually your customers will need to get a hold of you, so a phone number is definitely necessary, especially for those commuters who aren't as into online web surfing as the rest of the world. Having a prevalent phone number on your magnetic sign design gives potential clients a quick point of reference for immediate contact.

4. Logo or Graphics

Having a logo helps brand your business and can make your magnetic sign more visually pleasing. Sometimes text gets boring and runs together, but logos or a graphic can make your magnetic sign design much more interesting and memorable.

5. Services

If the name of your company or your logo does not directly imply what type of services or products you offer then it is always a good idea to list this information somewhere in your magnetic sign design. If you have lots of products or services try and keep it simple and highlight your service specialties.

 Essentially your target audience will only have a few moments to view your magnetic sign design and pull the information from it while zooming by on the freeway or street. Your magnetic sign has limited space so utilizing the magnetic sign design tips above should help get your sign noticed in all the right ways.



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