Magnetic sign ordering made easy.

The basics for successfully ordering magnetic signs?

computer and palateOrdering magnetic signs online or over the phone these days is super simple, very cost effective and completely customizable. With the couple clicks of the mouse you can design your own custom magnetic signs online through automated online design programs; or for a little more personalized service you can contact a local or national sign company to aide you in designing, producing and obtaining custom magnetic signs.

Phone Ordering Magnetic Signs (personalized service)

When buying magnetic signs from an actual sign company you'll be working fairly closely with a sales representative who will guide you through the magnetic sign ordering process. Most sign companies have online websites that will give you instant pricing online or you can request a quote online or via phone contact. Once you have obtained pricing comes artwork. The customer will supply their own custom print-ready artwork; or pieces of artwork that your sign company's graphic designer compiles for you to make a complete design; or, if you have no artwork at all, the sign company graphic designer can help create a custom design for you.

You'll also need to know how many magnetic signs you'll need and what size will best fit your vehicle. If you have a vehicle like a truck or a van, that will be accommodating various sized magnetic signs to effectively cover the vehicle, make sure you have all the different sizes ready to convey to your sign company. To determine which size will best fit your vehicle simply measure out your available door space, tail gate space, truck bed space, hatchback space, etc. that is smooth without any obstructions (door handles, door jams, emblems, concaves, etc.).

And that's pretty much it. Your sign company sales representative will send you visual proofs for your approval. If there are changes needed they will be made accordingly and resent for approval. Once you approve your magnetic sign layout your order will be printed and shipped within a few business days.

Online Magnetic Sign Design Ordering (automated website / self-service)

When ordering magnetic signs through an online design company you drop the sign company out of the mix and head into the world of do-it-yourself ordering and designing. This type of magnetic sign ordering gives the customer the opportunity to design and approve their own artwork without the help of a sales representative or a graphic designer. Most online design companies give you three options to choose when ordering magnetic signs online: upload your own completed artwork; create a magnetic sign design from scratch with text only or text and uploaded graphics or supplied clipart; or to utilize a pre-made template that you alter to represent your company or personal magnetic sign needs.

This process of magnetic sign ordering is very straight forward and is done all online without ever having to interact with anybody from the online design company. The only drawback is that most automated online design companies don't review any of the graphic files that are uploaded for use in making personalized magnetic signs and just print whatever was provided. If bad artwork is supplied, this can lead to choppy or pixelated graphics on your magnetic sign, that don't look good or professional. So if you are in question about any of your art files it's best to consult an actual sign company via phone and let them help you utilize your artwork to the best of it's potential for clean looking signs that won't embarrass you or your car.

When it comes to ordering magnetic signs online, whether you like to go commando and do the job yourself online, or you feel more comfortable having a sign professional help you along the is the first step in acquiring an essential key part of mobile marketing that gives you the freedom to advertise when you want and where you want.

If you have any questions about our magnetic sign design services or ordering magnetic signs, please call 866-267-4467. If you are interested in designing your own magnetic signs online, please visit out automated magnetic sign design center at



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