Is it time for a new magnetic sign look?

What to consider when updating your magnetic signs.

facebook magneticsignSo your first set of magnetic signs needs has served you well by attracting a good base of customers. And now that business is booming and you aren't just starting out anymore you might want to update the look of your magnetic signs. Here are a few tips to contemplate the best way to give your new magnetic signs a good make-over.

Lettering Only? Add some art!

accentWhen you were first starting out maybe you didn't have a company logo for branding purposes. Lettering only magnetic signs are the usual choice, and most economical, when starting a company and the funds are limited. Lettering only magnetic signs allow you to begin your mobile advertising journey with just the basic information provided to your target audience.

For instance, like the photo pictured here, you have a photography business and originally just listed the company name and a phone number. Now that you have a few more extra dollars add a picture or graphic to further visually solidify what service you offer. Graphics tend to draw the eye quicker than just plain text. So even adding a simple graphic piece of art, like a camera next to your logo, gives a visual explanation before words come into play.

Ready to brand? Add a Custom Logo!

badgerSo now that you are a little more established you have had time actually create a company logo. Branding is a natural progression for creating instant identification on the street and on social media. Upgrading your magnetic signs to include your brand is crucial to building familiarity and expanding your presence.

Whether you design your own company logo for branding, or have a professional graphic designer assist you with a design, it is definitely within your interest to upgrade your magnetic signs to include a logo as soon as you can. Now your magnetic signs, business cards, website graphics and stationery flow in perfect harmony and have you looking like a professionally run company that is profitable.

Go for the gusto....full graphics!

collegewashWant to really get noticed? Then upgrading your magnetic signs to include a full color background graphic is the way to go. The visual impact that full graphics have highly outweigh just plain lettering or lettering with a graphic or placed artwork.

It could be well worth the money to pay a designer, unless you have graphic design skills, to create a completely unique custom design to enhance your branding that much further. Think about what your eyes are drawn to when passing cars with mobile advertising? The answer is probably to the vehicles that have very colorful or distinct designs on their magnetic signs.

Or there is always the option of moving up to the next level of mobile advertising by investing in permanent vehicle graphics. Vehicle decals and lettering can be combined through digitally printed decals and vinyl lettering. When installed on your vehicle you will now have 24-7  mobile advertising until you remove the custom graphics. This form of mobile advertising is the most expensive and labor extensive. But when magnetic signs have outgrown their usefulness, wrapping your vehicle with custom graphics, is the next feasible expansion in effective mobile advertising.

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