Blank magnetic signs for cover vehicle graphics.

How blank magnetic signs help combat strict HOA rules.

magnetic rollsFor anyone who resides in a neighborhood that is governed by a Homeowner's Association you know that there are rules and regulations that you must comply with to reside within the community. Non-compliance can lead to possible monetary fines which can put a financial strain on your pocketbook. And while each Homeowners Association has their own set of community rules to follow a lot of HOA's heavily restrict vehicular advertising for cars parking in common areas. Most HOA run communities require that vehicles adorned with decals, graphics or lettering be housed in a garage and out of the sight of the general public. Herein lies the problem for residents that belong to an HOA community, but don't have a garage

or available garage space to park their vehicle in to comply with that specific HOA rule. Since you've already invested in vehicle graphics, for heightened mobile advertising, you have a dilemma that has an affordable and easy solution to keep the fines at bay. This is where blank magnetic signs come to the rescue.

Blank magnetic signs are the most cost effective way to cover-up your vehicle and keep your HOA happy while still furthering your business on the road through mobile advertising. Blank magnetic signs can be ordered in bulk pieces, or already cut to specific sizes, that lay over your existing vehicle graphics, lettering or decals. The blank magnetic signs become a cover-up solution that are easy to put on and take off within minutes. Simply store your blank magnetic signs when not in use (preferably laying completely flat) and slap them on when you park and take them off again before hitting the road.

Ordering blank magnetic signs for HOA parking compliance is fairly easy, and like stated in the above sentence, can be done one of two ways. Figuring out which option of ordering blank magnetic sign material for HOA compliance depends solely on the purchaser. Some folks like the do-it-yourself fashion or ordering sheets of blank magnetic material; while others would rather have the sign company fashion their blank magnetic signs into the size(s) they need.

If you order blank magnetic material as a whole piece (sheet/roll) then you have the opportunity to cut the magnetic material to any size or shape you desire. Cutting into blank magnetic material can be done with scissors, an exacto knife or a box cutter. Ordering blank magnetic material in lieu of pre-cut sizes allows you the freedom to customize your coverage for HOA compliance. All you'll need to know is about how many yards or feet you'll need to blank magnetic material will be necessary to adequate cover your vehicle to avoid HOA fines.

The other option for ordering blank magnetic signs is to have your sign company cut the pieces to size for you. This will save the purchaser the hassle of cutting the material to shape, and depending on your do-it-yourself skills, will ensure a nice and clean evenly cut blank magnetic sign all the way around. To purchase cut-to-size blank magnetic signs for HOA compliance you will need to measure out the areas to cover and relay those sizes to your sign company upon order.

And if you are not excited about a whole bunch of plain white blank magnetic signs peppering your colored vehicle, or if your HOA prohibits colored vehicles from have blank white magnetic sign cover-ups, we have a solution....solid colored blank magnetic signs. Solid color blank magnetic signs give you the option of adding a solid blank color layer to the magnetic material. We can apply a layer of colored vinyl, or mount a digitally printed solid color decal, to the blank magnetic material that will closer match the color of your vehicle.

If you have any questions about our blank magnetic sign products, or are interested in ordering blank magnetic signs, please call 866-267-4467.



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