Reflective Magnetic Signs

Reflective magnetic signs for night visibility.

Reflective magnetic signs are a great investment for companies as well as individuals who want their message viewable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Investing in reflective magnetic signs for vehicles gives the purchaser more opportunities to display their magnetic sign information all hours of the day and night due to the special light reflective material that we print and apply to our 100% American made magnetic sign material. During the day a reflective magnetic vehicle sign looks practically like a standard magnetic sign, but at night when a light source shines upon the reflective magnetic signs (street light, flash light, head light, etc.) the sign literally glows which illuminates the information on the reflective magnetic sign making it visible after dark.

Reflective magnetic signs for vehicles are very popular with companies, professionals and service providers that do work at night or need to be easily identifiable after dark. Since reflective magnetic signs are not permanent like reflective vehicle decals/graphics they can be removed and used on various vehicles which is great for reflective magnetic signage for fleet vehicles, as well as, for student drivers to assure being seen by other drivers on the road. Reflective magnetic materials can also help with night visibility on any other object that is steel and magnetic receptive like certain garage doors, building doors, file cabinets, steel walls and more.

Our reflective magnetic signs are produced by printing onto high-quality white reflective vinyl. which is then applied to our vehicle grade magnetic material, resulting in a very durable and long lasting reflective magnetic sign product that is worth the few extra dollars for the additional night visibility qualities that reflective magnetic signs create. Our reflective magnetic signs for vehicles generally last up to 3 to 5 years with proper magnetic sign maintenance and can be ordered in any size, shape or quantity using your own personal artwork or with a custom design from the talented design staff at

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