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Affordable graphic design for customers with limited or no artwork.

artworkWant to start your journey into mobile advertising but have limited artwork or no artwork at all? NO PROBLEM! We employ a very talented design staff that can take your idea or brand and create a beautiful spot color or full color custom design for you. Our layout artists are not only trained as graphic designers, but also as marketing consultants, so you can be assured that you will receive an attractive looking sign targeted directly to your customers and mobile marketing needs.


Simple: Your magnetic sign only needs a few lines of text and a phone number. Since the design time will be fairly minimal your estimated design cost would normally run about $15 - $30. This fee includes up to 3 corrections to alter your design or change information.

Moderate: Your magnetic signs will need a couple photos and some text. You have a few photos you are supplying us with that need to be sized and checked for overall print compatibility. Or, you don't have any photos, and need our designers to provide some high quality images for your layout. This form of custom design services usually runs around $35 - $60, depending on the amount of time our designers designate will be needed to complete your layout. This fee includes up to 3 corrections as well. 

Complex: You submit your own art file, but it is has a very low resolution, and when enlarged to your chosen magnetic sign size will look pixelated and blurry; or if you have a file that needs to be recreated or redesigned to best fit your magnetic sign needs. These type of scenarios require a lot of design time, and in turn more cost, starting at around $65 - $100 (possibly more, depending on the complexity of the design needed.) Also included in that price, is the aforementioned 3 correction policy, of modern and simple designs.

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The above examples are approximations of design costs that could be incurred if graphic design help is needed on an order and are in addition to the price of the magnetic signs being made. Magnetic sign graphic design fees will always be discussed and approved by the customer before any order is placed. To obtain exact design pricing, please call our sales consultants at (866) 267-4467, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, or request an online Magnetic Sign Quote.

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