Magnetic Sign Sizing Help

Sizing your Magnetic SignSign Size Selection

After more than a decade of making magnetic signs, we have found that 90% of all our magnetic signs, fall into 3 standard sizes:

Small: 10" x 18"  |  Medium: 11"x 20"  | Large: 12" x 24"

Besides the standard small, medium and large sizes stated above we produce all sorts of custom sized magnetic signs, as well as, extra large magnetic signs for vans, trucks and SUV's that measure up to 24" in height by any length.

In general, the width of your magnetic sign is more important than the height. If your purchase a magnetic sign that is too wide, then it may extend over a door hinge, which in turn, puts your magnetic signs at risk for flying off your vehicle. Magnetic signs are intended to be placed FLUSH on your vehicle without covering any specialized body molding, indentations, car emblems, door handles, door hinges, etc. When a magnetic sign is put in a situation where air can get underneath the sign it runs the risk of blowing off your vehicle.

The best way to determine the perfect size to fit your vehicle is to measure the exact height and width, of the area you wish to adhere your magnetic signs too, making sure that proposed area is flat so the sign will lay flat on the vehicle. If you need to order multiple signs with different sizes, just make sure to measure all the intended magnetic sign vehicle locations, and order accordingly. DO NOT order  the same size magnetics as your door signs for tailgates, hatchbacks, service doors, etc. unless you are sure they will fit those areas. Since we are a custom sign shop you can order magnetic door signs, as well as, additional signs at varying sizes.

If you have any questions about magnetic sign sizing,
please give us a call at (866) 267-4467