Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets for indoor use.


  • Quality 25 mil magnetic material great for indoor use on all metal receptive surfaces.
  • Great selection of sizes available in the popular business card size on up to calendar size.
  • Digitally printed for beautiful full color images.
  • Lamination added for extra protection.
  • Submit your own artwork or let one of our talented graphic artists help you with a custom design.
  • Popular for business cards, announcements and invitations.
  • Great promotional item for companies, business or personal use.
  • Quantities starting at 100 pieces  on up to the thousands.

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For further information on our refrigerator magnets for pricing, design services, or any questions in general, please call Quick Signs at (866) 267-4467.
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Refrigerator Magnets

Full color mini magnets for use on refrigerators, file cabinets and other metal surfaces.


Mini fridge magnets are the perfect vessel for in home marketing. These informative indoor magnets are easily distributed and can pack quite a marketing punch. Mini magnets get continual attention when placed on refrigerators or file cabinets, which are practically in every home or office across the nation. With a wide variety of horizontal, vertical, circular and oval shapes mini magnets are a winning choice for price and visibility.

Mini refrigerator magnets have also become increasingly popular for all sorts of personalized invitations. When used for save-the-date wedding invitations, birth announcements, birthday invitations and the like, your invite gets transformed into a creative keepsake that is displayed for years to come in the homes of your family, friends and relatives.

  • Low minimum: Our mini magnets can be ordered in quantities as low as 100 pieces on up to thousands. If you need a smaller amount, please give our sales representatives a call to discuss your options.
  • Durable indoor material: Our digitally printed mini magnets are printed on thin yet durable 25 mil magnetic material that is great for years of indoor use. (These magnetic signs are not recommended for outdoor use.)
  • Many sizes to choose: From the popular "business card" magnetic size to a larger invitation or calendar size we offer plenty of horizontal and vertical sizes to fit your need. We also have circular and oval size options as well.
  • Your design or ours: You can submit your own artwork or our creative design team can help you with a design.

Refrigerator magnets are the perfect product for many businesses, services and personal uses:
Food delivery, home repair services, plumbing, catering, courier, taxi, take-out, real estate agencies or agents, and the list goes on. Fridge magnets can also be used for yearly calendars or sports team schedules for soccer, baseball, football and more. Refrigerator magnet signs are the best in home marketing tool on the market today for every business or personal use imaginable.


Answers to your most common questions


That all depends on what you want seen and at what size. A very popular size is the business card magnet that measures 2" x 3 1/2" that are easy to hand-out and distribute. If you are looking to create invitations, sports schedules or business calendars then you might want to go with a larger size for easier readability.


As with all our products, the larger the quantity the better the per piece price. We can offer a great price with the quantities beginning at 100 pieces. This allows us to have less waste and better prices for the customer. But, if you are looking for smaller quantities, please give our sales representatives a call (866-267-4467) for any alternative options we may be able to offer you.


Technically, yes they can, but the magnetic material is designed for indoor use. When displayed indoors your mini magnet will last for years. If you choose to utilize these mini magnets outdoors they will fade within about a year (maybe less, depending on sun exposure.) Our mini magnets are made with a thin 25 mil material that is not vehicle grade. They will adhere to cars, but they can fly off fairly easily, and are not recommended for use on vehicles.


No problem! You can submit your own custom artwork or any pictures, logos, information, etc. that may need to go on the mini magnet. Our creative department can help bring a custom design alive with supplied art or from scratch.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions, or would like more information about our mini refrigerator magnets, please give our sign specialists a call  (866) 267-4467.

Ordering refrigerator magnet online

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1. Get a price. Choose a size from the drop down menu that will best suit your needs. Then choose your quantity and the the price will instantly be displayed on the calculator. You can type in your zip code for instant shipping rates also. For phone pricing please call 866-267-4467 during our operating hours (M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.)

2. Place your order. Once you have your pricing you can select "Order Now" to continue with the ordering process. You will be prompted to upload your artwork (if you have any) and then you will need to either log in (if you already have an account with us) or create a new account. Once you have logged in or create a new account you can enter in your order information and place the order within minutes. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions when ordering your refrigerator magnets, please call 866-267-4467.

3. Approve your order. After the order is placed online, you will be contacted by a sales representative or you will receive a visual proof and price email, for your immediate approval. Once the approval email is sent to your respective sales rep your order will be put into print production right away.

Magnetic Sign Satisfaction Guaranteed! offers the best quality indoor refrigerator magnets. Our product is competitively priced and can be ordered easily online or over-the-phone.  From beginning to end, we strive to make your magnetic sign buying process easy and enjoyable, and to fit within your budget.

Your custom mini magnet signs will look amazing and be to you before you know it for quick and easy distribution. Your custom refrigerator magnets can help boost your marketing efforts and put a personal spin on invitations, calendars and schedules and are sure to impress!  E-mail us or give us a call at (866) 267-4467 to get your refrigerator magnets ordered today!


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Have questions about our refrigerator magnets?

If you would like to inquire about any of our vehicle or mini magnet sign options, or have any other questions about any of our products, please give our sign specialists a call  (866) 267-4467.