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Removable and reusable truck magnetic signs to help generate business.

Magnetic truck sign on truck bed

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  • Our magnets are Vehicle Grade - (85 lb. per sq. ft pull, .030 thick). 100% American made magnetic material.
    Caution: Some imported magnetic material, after pro-longed use, has been known to permanently adhere to the surface of a vehicle causing permenant paint damage. Buy American!

  • DuraCoat surface protection included FREE on all of our magnetic signs. This durable clear laminate adds protection while reducing fading and protects your signs from abrasions which greatly extends the life of your signs.

  • Big, small, square, round, any size or shape - you name it. We're a custom magnetic sign shop. You tell us what you want and we'll make for you!

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Truck Magnets

Magnet signs can help utilize your Truck or SUV's unique advertising areas.

Truck bed magnetic signs

Trucks and SUV's have so much more available surface area than regular passenger vehicles and can accommodate magnetic signs where other vehicles cannot. A good example is the tailgate area. Every pick-up truck has a tailgate that can house prime information that may normally get overlooked on the door area. Tailgate magnetic signs are a huge assest, especially during rush hour traffice commutes, as anybody who is behind you will get a good look at your information and services offered. Same goes for SUV's and their hatchback space. There is definitely a lot of money to be made by fashioning a sign to fit those prime areas with custom magnetic signs.

Truck magnets can also serve other types of makes and models in this body class, for example...semi trucks, tow trucks, ice cream trucks, food trucks and construction trucks. All these vehicles have ample space for advertising or identifying utilizing removable magnetic signs. In the trucking world, alot of trucks are sublet or need to have some sort of identifying information on them, and magnet signs can be a big help to identify your vehicle without having to resort to permanent advertising. Tow trucks, especially the ones that rescue stranded big rigs, have plenty of open space to advertising not only their company information but rates as well. Food industry trucks can also benefit from custom magnetic signs in the form of removable menus. Custom made menu pieces can be placed on the hull of the metal truck and removed when the item is "sold out". You can customize your menu selections each and every day without having to invest in whiteboards or chalkboards.

  • Custom sizes: We offer our customers a variety of standard sizes as well as any custom size necessary. Our magnetic material comes in 50 yard rolls with a maximum 24" in height. So you can order small signs for a tailgate (3" x 60") and in turn order 24" x 24" signs to place on doors as well.
  • Quality Materials: We use top-notch digital printers to produce the digital images for our magnetic signs. And, as a rule of thumb, laminate all our truck signs to protect the integrity of your print for added longevity. Our magnetic sheeting is 100% American made and has a very durable vehicle grade 30 mil thickness. Our magnetic signs are guaranteed to last at least 3 - 5 years, maybe more!
  • You Design or We Design: You can submit your own custom designed artwork to create your truck signs and brand your vehicle or fleet. If you have elements of a design or no design at all...No Problem! We have a talented design team that can help bring your magnet sign vision to life.

Truck and SUV magnets are the perfect product for many businesses:
Plumbing, remodeling, tow truck, big rigs, semi trucks, gourmet food trucks, ice cream trucks, construction, electrician, mobile repair, heating and a/c services, power washing, pool cleaning companies, carpet cleaning, home movers and lots more. Truck magnets will get you noticed without having to resort to permenant advertising and are reasonably priced for any budget. If you have any other questions regarding truck and SUV magnets, give our sales team a call, at 866-267-4467.


Answers to your most common truck magnet questions


All makes and models of trucks and SUV's vary greatly, when it comes to body types and available space, that does not cover handles, emblems, etc. Since Quick Signs offers custom sizes we can make tailor make your truck or SUV sign to the exact size necessary to fit your particular vehicle. Measure out your availble "flat" surface space on any area of your truck or SUV and enter the size in on the calculator on this page for instant pricing.


Absolutely! Your available door space area will be completely different from the available space on the back end of your tailgate or hatchback area. To order an array of different sizes, to cover your truck/SUV properly, you can initially order a size that will best fit your doors and hit "Continue". When your truck signs show up in your shopping cart, you can then go "back to shop" and add any other custom sized magnetics as you need, to cover all the areas on your vehicle you are looking to advertise on.


Magnetic signs need to be flush on your vehicle so as not to allow air underneath the sign. Any time your sign goes over a handle, door jam, car emblem, etc. it puts your magnetic sign at risk because the magnet is not flush on the vehicle. When the magnet is not flush you run the risk of air getting underneath the magnetic sign which can compromise it's overal surface magnetism and may result in a loss of the magnetic sign.


Yes. We stand behind the quality of our product 100%. We guarantee that your magnetic sign will arrive to you without any printing defects and with a fully magnetic surface. If, upon receiving your signs, you notice any printing defects or the sign does not initially stick to your car, please give us a call immediately to assess the situation. We also guarantee that if you install and properly maintain your magnet signs they should last you at least 3 - 5 years, maybe more. Please see our Magnetic Sign Maintenance page for tips, tricks and information on how to take care of your signs to keep them looking nice and from flying off your vehicle during transit.


Since we produce custom signs that are made-to-order you may purchase (1) sign or multiple signs. But you will definitely get a better deal and pricing when you order higher quantities.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions, or would like more information about our magnetic truck signs, please give our sign specialists a call  (866) 267-4467.

Ordering magnetic truck signs online

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Get a price. To determine pricing you will need to figure out a size that best fits your truck where you plan to place the magnetic sign. Trucks have a variety of magnetic receptive areas that will have different measurements than standard car magnetic signs. We suggest measuring the "FLATEST" portion of your truck door(s), truck bed or tailgate area and entering those dimensions on our pricing calculator. We do offer standard sizes, but it's always best to measure first. You can also call for pricing at 866-267-4467.

2. Place your order. Once you have entered your initial magnetic sign size, finishing option and production time, the online calculator gives you instant pricing. Simply click continue and you will be guided through the ordering process. When ordering multiple sizes to fit your truck, you will need to enter each different size separately, along with any artwork necessary. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions when ordering your magnetic truck signs, please call 866-267-4467.

3. Upload your artwork. When prompted to upload your artwork, attach all necessary files, and click the "start upload" button. Once your files have attached to the order, click "Done" and then "Add To Cart". You will then be able to view your entire order and "Checkout". You may also opt to send your artwork later. And if you have no artwork at all, just click the appropriate button and continue to checkout.

Magnetic Sign Satisfaction Guaranteed! offers the best quality magnetic truck signs, on the market today. Our product is competitively priced and can be printed and on your truck or SUV in just a few days.  From beginning to end, we strive to make your magnetic sign buying process easy and enjoyable, and to fit within your budget.

Your custom magnetic truck signs will ship quickly and look amazing. Your new magnetic truck signs can be sure to impress ALL of your potential commuting customers.  E-mail us or give us a call at (866) 267-4467 to get your magnetic truck, tailgate or SUV signs ordered today!


For more permanent vehicle advertising see below:


Adhesive vinyl vehicle lettering is a permanent option to letter and/or number your car. The letters are individually cut out to shape and are held in place with a low-tack transfer tape. The lettering is then applied to your vehicle for display. Since this is permanent, once you remove the lettering, you will need to replace with new vinyl lettering. Please see our affiliate website for more information.


Digitally printed decals and stickers can also be applied to your car utilizing your custom graphic images. This type of adhesive car sign can be cut to a square shape, rectangular shape, circular/oval shape or custom die-cut and applied directly to your vehicle for advertising. Please see our affiliate website for more information.


When you need both images and lettering, you can custom order vehicle graphics, combining both digital decal prints and cut vinyl lettering. You can digitally print the graphics portion of your design and then have the lettering cut out of pre-determined colored vinyl for a completely custom look at a great price. Please see our affiliate website for more information.

Have questions about our permanent car signs?

If you would like to inquire about any of our permanent vehicle sign options, or have any other questions about any of our products, please give our sign specialists a call  (866) 267-4467.