Truck Magnetic Signs

Truck Magnet Pricing

Removable and reusable truck magnetic signs to help generate business.

Magnetic truck sign on truck bed

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  • Our magnets are Vehicle Grade - (85 lb. per sq. ft pull, .030 thick). 100% American made magnetic material.
    Caution: Some imported magnetic material, after pro-longed use, has been known to permanently adhere to the surface of a vehicle causing permenant paint damage. Buy American!

  • DuraCoat surface protection included FREE on all of our magnetic signs. This durable clear laminate adds protection while reducing fading and protects your signs from abrasions which greatly extends the life of your signs.

  • Big, small, square, round, any size or shape - you name it. We're a custom magnetic sign shop. You tell us what you want and we'll make for you!

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